Mirror Mirror On The Wall: Celebrities Can't Resist The Infamous #Selfie

We might think that musicians, singers and artists are so way above us, with all their fame and fortune. But the truth is, they are just ordinary people like us who cannot resist a good selfie. 

MYXPH explored on Instagram, to be able to find your favorite artist's reflection photos. We've already shown you one type of selfie, the shoe selfie,here. Now, check out the infamous mirror selfie!

Hayley Williams of Paramore went black and white for her mirror selfie! 

Photo from @yelyahwilliams Instagram account

Jason Mraz gets naked and a little artistic with his selfie having words written on the mirror, "I choose to speak from my heart, I choose to live from my heart."

Photo from @jasonmraz Instagram account

Anna Kendrick joins the band wagon too! 

Photo from @annakendrick47 Instagram account

Our very own KC Concepcion posed dramatically in front of the camera for her selfie.
Photo from @xtina_ontherocks Instagram account

Julz Savard gets a close up on her mirror shot! 
Photo from @julzsavard Instagram account

When we thought one image was enough, artists give us two perspectives with their mirror selfies, transforming it into a reflection selfie! Just look as Joe Jonas!

Photo from @joejonas Instagram account

Miley Cyrus loves the mirror selfie so much, she went all out, licking the mirror itself!

Photo from @mileycyrus Instagram account

Music artists just can't get enough of themselves and we fans just enjoy their selfies! 

Which is your favorite mirror selfie? Let us know by leaving a comment below!