Hollywood Film's Budget For Promo Video Goes To Yolanda Victims

What would you do with $25,000? In the case of Casey Neistat, a director and YouTube sensation, he used the $25,000 to help victims of Typhoon Yolanda instead of making a promotional video for Ben Stiller's new movie he was asked to work on.

20th Century Fox set a 25,000 dollar budget for their promotional video for their upcoming film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Neistat was tasked to inspire and motivate viewers to live their dreams by doing something they've never done. Neistat suggested a different kind of concept to Fox, flying to the Philippines and "spending every penny to helping people in need." Fox agreed to use their budget for the video on disaster relief for the typhoon victims. Neistat flew from the US and to the Philippines as soon as he got the go signal from Fox.

Neistat and a friend landed in Cebu and immediately bought relief goods. They rented 2 passenger buses to take the relief goods to Tacloban. With some help from their contact and locals, they packed and distributed the goods to the people of Tacloban.

Neistat and his team was able to provide over 10,000 meals. They even donated tools to 35 villages and basic medicine to local organizations.

From his departure from the US to helping out in Tacloban, Casey Niestat documented his entire journey and came up with the video here:

Fox certainly hit the spot and touched many hearts by agreeing to Neistat's idea. Every penny was definitely worth it.

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