MILEY CYRUS Kisses Another Girl?

Miley is on the loose! First she goes naked, next she starts kissing other girls! Looks like Miley isn't Hannah Montana anymore. She has claimed her wild side and has starting catching our attention week after week. 

Remember when Miley Cyrus kissed Victoria's Secret model Cara Delvingne? Well, if you don't know it yet, then read here. 

Fans and followers around the globe continue to keep a watchful eye on the star. And if you thought you saw the last of Miley going wild with ladies, you haven't yet. Miley Cyrus was seen kissing one of Britney Spears' female backup dancers. 

We all know that Miley enjoyed Britney's concert. Just look at her dance!

In a video on YouTube that has already been taken out, the "We Can't Stop" singer grinds up on a dancer, while seemingly making out with another. Afterward, she goes back to her seat as the dancers hop back on stage. 

What is Miley doing these days? Does this mean something? 

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