PAOLO ONESA Does One Good Impersonation Of ....

We at MYXPH got curious as to who music artists can impersonate, so we went around asking! We happened to bump into Paolo Onesa by chance and got the chance to squeeze out form him, something fans most probably don't know yet.

Find out who Paolo Onesa can impersonate by watching the video below!

"Si coach ko, si Bamboo," Paolo said, when we asked him. He made a pretty good impersonation of Bamboo if you ask us. He really sounds like the mentioned star.

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  • love&peace

    posted 3 years ago

    luv ko tlaga yang si Paolo... wag na mag impersonate kasi galing mo on ur own...ayeee! bebe ko! :))

  • joannatubig

    posted 3 years ago

    Ay Ang cute tAlaga ni pAoLo .. nApakA-tAlented :)) <3 prOud tO be pAoLLowers tAlaga .. :)