Srowback Sunday 14

Happy Sunday browsing everyone! How is your weekend going so far? Are you enjoying your rest day?

MYXPH has more entertaining photos for you. SInce it's Srowback Sunday, we have come up with a fresh batch of throwback photos that you will surely enjoy. To start of, we have Hayley Williams of the band Paramore. We found on her Instagram account, a baby picture of her dressed in Hawaiian attire! How do you find her cute studio photo? Could this be a possible creative graduation photo for all of you student readers?

Next up is Beyonce! On her Instagram account, she posted a photo of her dressed in shimmering gold. Could this be a pageant or contest? A sash seems to fall on the right side of her torso. Does she look like her younger self, or has her look changed? 

Last we have, Beyonce's main squeeze, Jay-Z. He's wearing a graduation ensemble, could this be a grade school photograph? We can certainly see Jay-Z in this photo, his smile's swag says it all!

Which is your favorite Srowback Sunday photo? Let us know by leaving a comment below!