"Don't Call It OPM." – REZ TOLEDO Opens Up About The Current State Of Local Music

Rez Toledo, the man behind Somedaydream, opened up about his thoughts on the current state of local music.

Months ago, when Rez published an open letter to all his fans, he stated at one part that "The term (OPM), its usage, the ramifications of all of it, is wrong. It causes problems, it's overrated, overused and has already ran it course."

During the FRESHMEAT Listening Party, where Rez launched his new project lluwin, got to ask him what he thinks is the current state of our music industry.

"Don't call it OPM," he said. "Ano yung problema with local music? You will see that awareness is part of it. The masses are only aware of what's being fed to them," Rez explained.

He also added that the state of local music is "down, very uninspired, very old." -- reasons why Rez is looking to offer something new, something fresh to the music fans, which according to him is "something that we believe in."

Watch our full interview with Rez Toledo by clicking the video below:

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  • maryjune01

    posted 3 years ago

    OPM should make good music videos. Bakit ba patok na patok ang KPOP is because magaganda ang mga music videos nila. DApat pag tuunan ng pansin ng OPM ang pag gawa ng mga magagandang music videos. Yung maganda ang quality. Nakakatulong din kasi ang mga music videos sa promotion ng mga kanta.

  • BrunoStars

    posted 3 years ago

    Honestly, rock and pop songs are getting old and repetitive na, hindi na nga patok ang mga rock songs sa countdown. Maybe I'll expect EDM, Electronica or Dubstep from him, it's time for a genre change.