Sneak Peek: WICKED Stage In Manila

In just a few days, Wicked will be ready for the public. The theatrical play has made a stop at Manila for a series of shows that you surely shouldn't miss. 

MYXPH got to see the stage before anyone else, and it looked magnificent. The cast might not be here yet, because the team is still undergoing the rigging procedures, but in a few days time the stage will be set for rehearsal after rehearsal until it the big night. 

According to the Technical Director, Cameron Flint, the stage came in the Philippines in 23 storage containers, a number close to that of the Phantom of The Opera set. He continued on saying, "The hardest thing about the show is rigging the show...that's the hardest part of Wicked in my opinion. It take s a lot of time." 

Imagine the team behind the musical works six days a week, sometimes requiring overnight tasks as well. "It's around the clock," Flint mentioned. 

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