Philippine Hip Hop International NCR Teams Move On To Nationals!


 We all know what went down during the first part of the Philippines' Hip Hop International NCR competition. Crews were tested and judged. The qualified moved on and those who weren't able to cut it, had to let go of the dream of representing the Philippines in this year's annual World Hip Hop International held in the United States.

Yesterday, the finals commenced. Teams had to perform their routines once again in order to see if they had what it took to compete all other dance groups in the National Leg. It was a long day filled with passion, unity and high spirits. By the end of the competition, teams found out that all contenders for the Varsity and Megacrew category will be joining in the battle on the May 4, 2014, country finals. 

The results are as follows:

Varsity Division
1. Allaince (3.85)
2. Legit Status (3.72)
3. A-Team (3.65)
4. KNG (3.58)
5. LMN (3.48)
6. AC (3.25)

Adult Division
1. Nocturnal Dance Company (8.19)
2. The Council (7.92)
3. Tha Project (7.73)
4. FMD Extreme (7.72)
5. Romancion (7.69)
6. Dis.Co. Motion (7.64)
7. Next.Ep (7.55)
8. Addlib (6.97)
9. XB Gensan (6.93)
10. Monster Grounds (6.66)
11. Bacboyz (6.60)
12. D’Shots (6.20)
Megacrew Division
1. A-Team (8.20)
2. UPeepz (8.15)
3. Addlib (7.56)
4. Legit Status (7.50)
5. reDefine (7.07)
6. D’Rkplg (6.38)

Wish you were there? Why not check out these photos below and get a feel of the event!



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