Did You Know "Safe And Sound" Had A Music Video 2 Years Ago?

Did you guys know that Capital Cities' "Safe And Sound" had a msuic video already made two years ago? 

No, it's not the psychedelic and cheerful music video we all know, it's one that has something to do with war and dance!

Don't know what we're talking about? Find out more about "Safe And Sound" by listening to our interview with Ryan and Sebu of Capital Cities below!


According to Ryan, they had already released, by themselves, a music video for the track years before. "We pulled footage from Youtube, of war and dancing from the past 100 years, and we cut it together," he said. They wanted to juxtapose war scenes with dancing scenes over the course of the 20th century just to show the dichotomy of human beings. Ryan went on saying, "the fact that, simultaneously we are capable of killing each other... destroying each other, yet also evolving the art form of dance... is a very strange idea." They wanted to initially show how humans can do it at the same time.  

nce they got signed, a new music video was made. Since the song was really about optimism and the triumph of the human spirit, the new video focused on the concept of "celebration." Check out the video below!

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