Sebu And Ryan Of CAPITAL CITIES Met Through The Internet!

You may know Capital Cities from their hit, "Safe And Sound." But what you probably don't know yet is that Sebu and Ryan, the duo behind Capital Cities, met in a very unusual way.

No they were not childhood friends who both learned that music was their calling together. Instead, the two met online! Yes, you heard that right, the World Wide Web assisted in the creation of this amazing duo!

Let them tell you all about it in the interview below!

"Sebu and I met back in 1947..." Ryan joked around before saying, they met "in 2008, not that long ago... through this website called Craigslist." For all of you who don't know, Craigslist is an online classifieds website. Ryan was looking for a producer to help him with his songs, and that's how he met Sebu.

"We got together, and really had good musical chemistry. We started working on my songs, then tv commercials together, then we decided to have a band," said Ryan.

It's amazing how these talents found each other. Who knows? Maybe you, dear reader, will find someone online too! You just might meet that someone who will change your life and career immensely.

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