The D.E.Y. Has Come!

The Latino hip-hop trio The D.E.Y. was recently in town to promote their debut album ôThe D.E.Y. Has Comeö. Of course, their visit wouldnÆt be complete without dropping by at the #1 music channel MYX. Divine, Elan, and Yeyo appeared on the MYX Daily Top Ten with VJ Igi, and did an episode of STAR MYX.

Best known to Filipino fans for being featured in the Sean Kingston hit ôThereÆs Nothinö, The D.E.Y. believes destiny brought them together. ôYou canÆt spell DESTINY without the D, the E, and the Y. We was all on our own paths, and thatÆs why we encourage everybody to let destiny take its course.

The D.E.Y. is an acronym for their names, but it also stands for their group mantra Do Everything Yourself. Explains Yeyo: ôThat if you want to do something in your life, you just gotta put your mind and your heart to it, and you can do anything.

With their innovative style and positive attitude, that D.E.Y. will definitely come soon.

- October 2008