Gary V. Tribute on MYX Live

After honoring him with the MYX Magna Award last March, the #1 music channel paid another tribute to Mr. Gary Valenciano in the September 24 episode of MYX Live!

The star-studded edition of MYX Live featured 7 of the 25 stars who covered Gary VÆs songs in the Star Records collection ôGV25ö. Everyone expressed enormous admiration for Mr. Pure Energy during their interview with host Jett Pangan.

Appearing in a special VTR, Gary V also shared stories about the songs and the guest artists which include Aiza Seguerra, Jamie Rivera, Jed Madela, Richard Poon, Sheryn Regis, Vina Morales, and Mr. Martin Nievera who confessed to MYX: ôPeople might think itÆs weird for me to say itÆs an honor to be part of a Gary V tribute. But IÆm a big fan too. Ever since they made us rivals. IÆve always liked his music, the type of music that he does, his dedication and passion to every song he sings and every performance. Everything he does is filled with passion.ö