Rico Blanco proves that there is life after Rivermaya

Rico Blanco was sorely missed by fans when he went on a self-imposed hiatus from the music scene in 2007. More than a year after his controversial exit from Rivermaya, he is finally back with the solo album Your Universe which he launched at Gateway Cinema last October 3. And MYX was the only media outfit that he granted an interview with!

ôIÆm really touched by the way that the music fans have been receiving the album and the songs, ö Rico revealed in our MYXCLUSIVE interview. His solo debut CD has received critical acclaim especially for its lead single Yugto which went straight to #1 in the MYX Daily Top Ten.

ôYugto is the first song that I recorded after my long break. I actually didnÆt know if I was gonna be able to finish one whole album. I enjoyed recording Yugto and that led to the second song and the third song and then nabuo na iyong album,ö he shared about his hit song. ItÆs widely believed that this rock anthem is dedicated to his former bandmates and management company.

- November 2008