Back In The Zone. A MYXclusive interview with Boyzone

Boyzone ruled the pop charts in Asia and Europe with their covers and original songs during the 90s teen pop era. But in 2000, the Irish quintet suddenly parted ways while lead singer Ronan Keating went on to pursue a solo career.

8 years later, the Irish lads announce their reunion with the greatest hits collection ôBack Againà No Matter Whatö. MYX met up with the guys from Boyzone in Taiwan except for Mikey who was unable to make the trip. HereÆs part of our MYXCLUSIVE chat with Keith, Shane, Stephen, and Ronan.

MYX: How does it feel to be back in Asia?

Ronan: ItÆs fantastic to be back! We love coming out to Asia. We have so many great memories from the touring to the promotional side of things. ItÆs the trip we always look forward to and all year weÆve been talking about this trip. WeÆre excited to be back and excited that everybody wants us back.

MYX: Why did you decide to part ways before?
Keith: We were on the road constantly from the time that we became successful. We were touring all over Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, South America. It was non-stop, go go go go! I think what happens is when you become so tired, your mind becomes kind of cloudy and you donÆt make the right decision and you become unprofessional. Everybody deserves to get 100% and if we canÆt provide that then itÆs time to take a break, recharge the batteries and see where we go from there. The break was only supposed to be for a year. That year grew into two years, into three years...

MYX: How did the whole reunion come about?
Shane: One of the main factors was the TV show called Children in Need which is a charity-based show. Obviously if youÆre gonna do something, do it for a good reason. And this was the perfect reason for Boyzone to make the big effort because it wasnÆt for us. It was for somebody else. So we made that big effort. We spent time together rehearsing the songs again. And in doing so, we had a phenomenal time together. It was clear then and there to keep it up, keep it moving.

MYX: Tell us about your new single ôLove You Anywayö
Stephen: We waited a long time before we found a song that was right. Once we released the first single, we needed it to be perfect. We had lots of different songs come in but we kept on saying ôNo, it wasnÆt right.ö Then this song came in and we just said ôThis is it! This is the single.ö We didnÆt want to come out with a ballad because people were gonna expect that.

MYX: Any message for your Filipino fans?
Ronan: Thanks a million for everything youÆve done for Boyzone. Thanks for having us back and giving us this second opportunity. WeÆll see you soon in Manila, please God, on tour next year!

- December 2008