Kanye's 808's and Heartbreaks

The Good Life of Kanye West is definitely going at its best! After winning 10 Grammy Awards, and being the most sought after musical phenomenon, rapper, producer, and singer, the urban graduate is at it again with his new album, 808Æs and Heartbreaks! Kanye West, known for his style and trend-setting abilities, Kanye West takes on a gloomier theme, dealing with heartaches, heartbreaks and calls for help.

Kanye West shoots off his album with Love Lockdown, an innovative mix of bass and drums that incorporates a tribal feel but still reflects that hip hop vibe that Kanye West is popularly known for. Kanye West may have abandoned rapping for this album, but he effortlessly compensates for the lack of rhyme by bringing in the newest in pitch-correction technology, Auto û tune, that lets Kanye West reflect a cyborg - like sound in his album.

So, why the sudden change in mood with this new album? According to Rolling Stone magazine, 808Æs and Heartbreak was created at a time when Kanye West lost his mother and split with his fiancTe, designer Alexis Phifer. Good thing that despite the melancholy state that West was in during the making of his album, he opted to use drum machines that attempted to still capture the taste of those who have grown accustomed to dancing and grooving to KanyeÆs beats.

Yet, the lyrics in his music are so powerful that the beats have the tendency of being overshadowed by KanyeÆs poems for his estranged fiancT. With his new single, Heartless, Kanye sings, The coldest story ever told/Somewhere far along this road he lost his soul....How could you be so heartless?" In this line alone, KanyeÆs wallowing pierces through the beats and lets those who dance make every step one of heartbrokenness.

Though the pitch of KanyeÆs album is set on a down low, it strongly proves that heartfelt emotions do not only live through ballads, emo, or tear-jerking R&B songs. Kanye experiments his impressions and expressions through his home grown 80Æs like, melodic hip-hop that his followers have grown accustomed to. From a big picture of him, kissing his mom on his album to the smallest titles, Kanye truly shares his music with a more personal approach this time around.

The new album of Kanye West, 808Æs and Heartbreak is available in CDs at your favourite Astrovision, Odyssey, Music One, and Fully Booked stores.

- December 2008