PAOLO ONESA Raves About His Favorite Dance Videos

Paolloers out there! 

Remember when we at MYXPH found out that Paolo Onesa could secretly dance? We recall catching him behind the scenes during his "Lucky In Love" music video shoot. He showed us some moves that really surprised us! If you want to see him groove, then read all about it again here. 

We got the chance to talk to him once more, and this time we asked him what his three most favorite dance videos are. 

Watch the interview below!

First that came to mind was Brian Puspos. This singer slash dancer seems to be a big fan of the famous dancer. According to Paolo, Puspos' "Take You Down" choreography is top on his list. Watch the dance video and see for yourself how good Brian is!

"[Si] Brian Puspos, siya talaga yung idol ko sa pagsasayaw," Paolo shared. But he also spoke of how Chris Brown amazes him. Chris Brown's "Fine China" falls second on his dance video list. 

Take a peek at Chris Brown's smooth and suave moves below!


Chachi Gonzalez's "I Should Have Kiss You" takes third place, for Paolo Onesa. "Ang sweet niya duon," he uttered. Do you agree that dancer, Chachi Gonzales, is entrancing in the said dance video? Watch it and be the judge!

What can you say about Paolo's dance video picks? Do you know any other videos that may caught his eye? Suggest by leaving a comment below!