JP CUISON Brings Out Sound In His Gig Poster Visuals

JP Cuison is a man most musicians and artists know. This UP Fine Arts graduate’s immersion in both the music and art industry has definitely made a name for himself. Not only is he highly known in the field of advertising, but he is also remembered for his non-advertising endeavours. 

In the music industry, his gig posters have always made a statement. Check out the collection of posters he has made, both official and non official, below!

Gig Posters taken from JP Cuison’s site. 


We at MYXPH got the chance to rub elbows with this talented artist, during his “Misplaced” exhibit at Pocket Universe. We took the opportunity to find out more about his process, works and dream project. Listen in to our interview with Gigzilla himself, JP Cuison below:

"Sa paggawa ng mga gig posters, nagsisimula ako with the gig title," JP shared. His work centers on creating a visual that will compliment the title itself. But he admits that it's a different scenario when it comes to creating posters for bands. You see, when JP works on a project like that, his goal is to make music leap out from his design. "Kapag nagpapagawa sakin mga banda, like The Oktaves, before ko ginagawa yung poster ng Oktaves, parang nakikinig ako ng The Oktaves talga. As in kailangan yung poster na gagawin ko, nagrereflect yung sound ng band sa visual ko," he expounded. 

We asked him, "Off all the gig posters you've made, which is your favorite." Can you guess what he answered? 

He didn't even blink. His Eraserheads artwork came out of his mouth quickly after we asked. "Favorite ko yung Eraserheads North American Reunion Tour. Siyempre Eraserheads... Idol ko sila. Alam ko yung music nila, at mga works nila," he said. He even shared to us that he was beyond happy when the manager of the band came to him with the proposal. 

Since our previous question seemed so easy for him to answer, we switched it up a bit. We wondered which other artist, both local and foreign, he'd like to work with for a gig poster, and he answered with such speed.

"Gusto ko gawan si Fiesto Bandido. I love the feathers. I love the armor. Baka may magawa akong something psychedelic... something colorful," JP responded. As for foreign, the Australian band Tame Impala seems to be one that he eyes. 

It looks like we can look forward to seeing the mentioned dream works in the future! But for now, let's continue to feast our eyes on even more works by the artist, here. 

What do you think of our little chit chat with JP? Which of his works do you like the most? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!