Miguel Escueta's "Blue Monday"

With the success of his songs ôHandaö, ôIsipinö and ôFalling Awayö still fresh, thereÆs no stopping Miguel Escueta from making waves in the music scene. Fervor seeps through the veins of this rock star as he brings in a new single: his own rendition of the 80Æs crossover hit ôBlue Mondayö, which was originally popularized by the English Rock Group æNew OrderÆ. This song has been deemed as the biggest selling single of all time, topping UK sales of over one million and making a mark in the 80Æs era.

Injected with his distinctive style, Miguel, also popularly known as ôMEö, l gives his own version a modern twist, making it more attuned with the times. The mishmash of syndicating beats and throbbing bass lines infused with MiguelÆs vigor gives his rendition of the song a strong kick that will surely leave audiences keyed up.

Though penetrating the music scene is not an easy feat, Miguel had already managed to make a mark in the industry in recent past. In 2005, he was nominated for Best New Male Recording at the 2005 Awit Awards. The reason behind this singer-songwriterÆs drive to achieve the pinnacle of his career stems from his deep fixation for music, as manifested in the energy transmitted in each of his performances.

The release of his repackaged album, I AM M.E. AMPLIFIED under MCA Music soars to great heights as his singles play heavy on the turntables and gain multiple requests. Having a rugged, edgy and strong vibe, this double-disc series contain original compositions and popular tracks that unleash this young bloodÆs undeniable vocal appeal and musical artistry.

With his new single ôBlue Mondayö, Miguel is more pumped up and ready to raise decibel levels while rocking the music landscape. The single has now been released on radio and they also just finished shooting its music video. Pixeleyes Multimedia was at the helm of production. Headed by Director Yano Escueta and production partner Jalz Zarate, this promises to be MEÆs most rocking video thus far. Using effects and a mood similar to that of the movie ô300ö, the basic setting portrays Miguel and his band (Juni, Jeng and Roy) performing at a Rock Concert. This video is truly something to watch out for. It premiered on MYX last December 14, 2008.

- December 2008