WATCH: CHAMP Releases New Video "No One" For #10YearsOfChamp!

It's been one colorful decade of music for Champ Lui Pio – former Hale frontman, singer-songwriter, artist manager, and producer. To celebrate and as a thanksgiving to all the fans who've supported him all these years, Champ is back as an artist with #10YearsOfChamp.

"I just wanted to celebrate my 10th year by releasing a new song and eventually an album," Champ shares in our MYXclusive interview. Finally, fans can see and listen his new track, "No One" released on his official YouTube and Twitmusic accounts! 

"No One" is actually one of Champ's older songs that has the right feel and sound that will define his comeback. "It's really different from the other songs I've written. It's very honest and it's very straight up. I'm so excited to let everyone hear it." Even before plans of a 10th year celebration was finalized, he has made time to learn the piano and create new songs with it too. Expect more piano-driven songs, played by Champ himself!

If you want to get a preview of his piano playing and a feel of his sound, watch the official video for "No One" here! 

Congratulations, Champ! Expect more updates about his 10th year anniversary plans and more only on! Of course, get ready to vote for "No One" on MYX very soon! If you're still wanting to know more about Champ's 10 year plans by watching our MYXclusive interview below!


Are you excited about Champ's comeback? What do you think about his new sound? Feel free to comment below!



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