Not Turning Off Their Lights Just Yet

One of the breakout bands of the year, Pupil has indeed proven that they are a solid Filipino act. Penetrating mainstream pop with their lyrically profound and melodically diverse songs, the Filipino listeners now experience, what can be, the future of OPM.

2008 was a good year for Pupil owing it to their awards sweep at the recently concluded NU Rock Awards and the growing response of followers that are now open to new styles in the Pinoy rock scene.

But the band unanimously agreed that the Eraserheads Reunion Concert helped greatly to their success. As bassist Dok Sergio put it, it was a ôblessingö. Seeing the four music icons play their timeless songs again opened up the opportunity for the people to appreciate new acts. ôPeople are ready to move on and listen to the new stuff, which was great for the bandö, said front man Ely Buendia, who was also a part of the Eraserheads.

Their latest single, Disconnection Notice, has already got major props from the listeners and to viewers as well because of their dance-inducing music video. But their current success wouldnÆt mean compromising what Pupil has worked on their two albums. Guitarist Yan Yuzon is quite optimistic about sticking to their game plan while adding much faith to it: ôIt takes time for the public to adjust àIt took several singles before they (the fans) finally realized that they liked us.ö But their next single will not sound anything like what they have released before. ItÆll be another challenge for the listeners and Pupil but from the response their getting now, it can pave the way to diversifying the Filipino musical taste.

Since Christmas and New Year is fast approaching, PupilÆs major holiday plan is to spend time with their family especially for drummer Wendell Garcia who will spend time with son Isa, who is recovering from recurring pneumonia, in the hospital. But as 2009 starts, Pupil will hold a party for all their listers from all over the world as a way of saying thanks and celebrating a brand new year for music and for Pupil.

As 2008 comes to a close, Pupil has made its mark in our music culture. Their innovative music style has now become OPMÆs next best thing. In the coming year, expect Pupil to always come up with something original to create a new wave in Filipino Music.

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- January 2009