4-Year-Old Boy Sheds Tears To A GREAT BIG WORLD and CHRISTINA AGUILERA's "Say Something"!

Admit it, we all feel a bit of sadness whenever we hear A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera's emotional hit "Say Something," even a 4-year-old boy does.

Jackson, who was in the car with his dad Mark Blitch, got too emotional when he heard the song on the radio.

The video description said, "My four-year-old heard the song come on, so I changed it. But he wanted it back on for some reason."

Repeatedly, Mark asked his son if he wanted to change the song but the kid insisted that he's okay with it, even giving a two-thumbs up to prove that he's fine.

Watch the video below!

Christina Aguilera also had the time to watch the video and tweeted:

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