Another Harmonious Year for The Company

The Company has yet diversified with their new album Group Hug! Together with Gerard Salonga and the PhilharmoniKA, they perform hits from music icons like Abba, The Beatles, Queen, Nirvana, and Stevie Wonder like youÆve never heard it before.

2009 will be the groupÆs 24th year in the industry and to come up with an orchestral album or an orchestral concert is just a dream for them.

But leaving their hopes up to God has given them not only an orchestral album, but also the top caliber roster of musicians and arrangers that worked with them for Group Hug. Not to mention their huge opportunity to tour nationwide to share their brilliant work to fellow Filipinos.

The album is comprised of their favorite songs done with a twist by the harmonious collaboration among PhilippinesÆ talented musicians and artists like Musical Director, Moy Ortiz and arranger/conductor, Gerard Salonga. And also a team up with beatbox master, DJ Myke for a track ôTake A Chanceö by Abba. The working relationship among them is really like a group hug. They do not just get along professionally, but also musically. Indeed, the album Group Hug is an album made of love, pure talent, and passion.

The year is packed for The Company. TheyÆre planning to release a new album at the last quarter of the year and hold musical theater workshops during the summer while touring the Philippines to promote their album. But always expect something different for the group. Their constant reinvention just proves how flexible and talented The Company is. ThatÆs why for more than two decades they still share us new ways to appreciate music and give us something to be proud of as Filipinos.

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- January 2009

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