From the directorÆs eyes

Most of the most memorable music videos we see on MYX were done by Quark Henares. His camera has graced artists like Sandwich, Itchyworms, Sugarfree, Pupil, and a controversial one with Rico Blanco. Now that the MYX Music Awards recognizes the best videos of the past year, our director has a handful of nominations from his notable work on his chosen craft.

What are the favorite videos that you've done last year?

Actually, super happy ako sa 2008. It might be the last year I'll be making music videos. Kinda like professionally at least. I actually like Pasubali (Sponge Cola) which came out January. I like Procrastinator (Sandwich) which came out about the same time. I kind of like...actually 'di ko siya masyadong gusto dati pero nagustuhan ko siya dahil andaming nagalit sa video ng Urbandub. Yung Evidence. Parang at first, wala lang then andaming nagalit! Astig! Haha! Parang napaka-polar ng ano eh. Either people like it or parang galit na galit sila sa video. Hindi ko in-expect 'yun at all. And then, Disconnection Notice (Pupil)! I'm really happy with Disconnection Notice. Also... actually yung favorite video ko ever na ginawa ko is Shapeshifter by Taken By Cars. Meron pang mga iba - yung Itchyworms. Which was fun. Both Penge (Naman Ako Nyan) and Freak Out (Baby). And also, which I co-directed with Diego (Castillo), yung Selos (Sandwich) na masaya-saya rin. The ones I mentioned earlier yun yung mga pinaka-paborito ko.

Some of your works were nominated in this year's MYX Music Awards. What's your say on this and which videos would you like to win?

Yung maganda kasi sa MYX Music Awards, not being sipsip or whatever, hindi siya pretensiyoso masyado. Hindi siya yung parang "achievement". Best Directing! Best ano. Very cute and nakakatawa. Kaya always dream ko talaga na "Best Cameo by an Artista in a Music Video". Yun talaga. I'm gonna fight for Glaiza De Castro (Disconnection Notice - Pupil). Glaiza did the greatest job. And I feel bad na hindi na-nominate si Iza Calzado (Evidence û Urbandub).

You mentioned earlier that you will take a break from making music videos.

Ayoko nang gumawa! Haha! No, no. Pero right now I'm focusing on TV and movies. I think I'll stop making music videos unless it's for the people that I love. So, you know, Ciudad, Sugarfree, Itchyworms, Sandwich, whatever. Pero kung 'di ko feel yung song or artist, parang 'wag na lang.

What things do you want to do this 2009 that youÆve never done before?

Ang gusto kong gawin sumulat ng kanta. Well, meron na akong nasulat pero gusto ko sana ma-release ko æyun. Magawan ko ng album. And yeah, after ænung Falling In Love na album sana æyun yung susunod.

We hope to see more of this talented directorÆs work this year. Though he might be more active pursuing much bigger directing jobs, expect to still see only impressive work from Quark Henares. Without talented directors like him, you wouldnÆt see interesting visuals that make your favorite songs better than it already is. And you wonÆt get to watch your favorite music channel, MYX! It is with QuarkÆs creativity and dedication, and all the other directors as well, that help keep the Filipino music scene alive through their valuable contribution of making music videos.

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- January 2009