It was inevitable. The phenomenal song ôT-shirtö just took the music scene by storm in one playback. The talent behind the hit, Shontelle Layne was just an aspiring lawyer, an over achiever in academics and sports whose passion for music and true calling as a performer lifted her from the classrooms onto center stage.

Shontelle started at a small town in Barbados, the same place where multi-platinum artist, Rihanna also originally resided. It was as if Barbados became a nest for breeding talents. Back in their teens, Shontelle was the drill sergeant of Rihanna in their schoolÆs öCadetsö camp. Shontelle describes Rihanna back in t heir days, ôShe was a good cadet, though there was one occasion when I had to make her drop and give me ten push-ups. We laugh about it now. I think sheÆs forgiven me.ö Who wouldÆve thought that both of them would end up from just being cadets to becoming two of the most successful international stars of all time dominating the world hit after hit after hit! In her debut album Shontelligence, Shontelle spearheads her album with the massive hit T-shirt, that by far has become one of the most successful tracks of all time especially here in the local music scene where it has seated on radio charts for multiple weeks in a row. Though her first single may bring on a purely hip-hop vibe, listening to Shontelligence will make you realize ShontelleÆs Carribean roots. Expect reggae groove-worthy beats, latin and indian guitar plucking and as a bonus, thought provoking lyrics sang with a Bajan twang.

When asked what Shontelligence is all about, Shontelle states, ôShontelligenceö merely defines the knowledge that I have acquired throughout my life, the knowledge yet to be absorbed and ultimately the product of all my experiences which I then translate into my music.ö There is nothing like reflecting your roots and expressing your thoughts and emotions at the same time through song. ôT-shirtö is just the beginning for an over-achiever like Shontelle. Get a hold of her album and experience first-hand an immense talent that is not only accompanied by good looks but intelligence and fruitful experiences as well.

The new album of Shontelle, Shontelligence is brought to you by MCA Music Inc.

- January 2009