Not Procrastinating

In 1998, Sandwich took the Philippine music scene by storm with their refreshing brand of music and on-stage performances that just left the crowd craving for more. And now, eleven years later, Sandwich is still rocking out almost every night and proving that their long-running experience with the craft and the business only makes them better.

Just last year, the band has made new waves in the entertainment industry by producing massive hits such as Procrastinator which landed on the top 10 of Monster Radio 93.1Æs Year-end countdown and Betamax which became the said radio stationÆs OPM Song of the Year.

Their latest album, S Marks the Spot which contains NU 107 Rock AwardsÆ Song of the Year Awardee (Betamax) is still available in record bars all over the country. The said album contains a stellar in-lay that bagged the Best Album Packaging Award at the Rock Awards. The record also contains a special bonus disc that contains 13 tracks that are remixes of their old hits such as acoustic versions of Sugod and Two Trick Pony. Not bad for a very affordable record that has world class music in it.

Truly, Sandwich is still at the top of their game. Their fans can expect more from the band this year and surely there will be more years to come. After all, Sandwich still has no intention of stopping or even slowing down.

- February 2009