Meet Archipelago

They wanted a name that would speak of who they are, where they're from, what they're about and why you should listen.

Each of member, simultaneously common and diverse, has their own stories; just as the islands of the world have their own histories. Their songs are from our stories.

As they are a part of the great story of the world, their music belongs to the world; a world that is at a distance, an Archipelago

About Archipelago

Archipelago is a very new band, with a 14-track debut album already in the mixing stage. The sound is a fresh global brand of melodic Rock Music, with new wave undertones and a compelling personal sense of travel and narrative. The band is led by an emerging, reinvented Yan Yuzon, this time on lead vocals, supported by an impressive roster of local music scene stalwarts: bassist Chad Rialp, guitarist Pat Tirano, and drummer Wendell Garcia.

Founded on the firm insistence that Filipino music is indeed world-class, Archipelago desires to explore creative, effective and modern avenues to bring its music on to the world stage.

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Meet the band

Yan Yuzon [vocals and sheer audacity]

New to the task, but eager to come into his own: In the music biz, Yan has been there, done that, but this time wants to be and do all the way up in front with a microphone. Archipelago launches him as a lead singer. Fan-favorite Yanny played bass with The Mongols and plays guitars for Pupil. Known for his passion and relentless drive, he also acts, directs and writes for theater and TV, produces music, and would like to believe he is somewhat of a carpenter.

Wendell Garcia [drums and latent triathleticism]

Seasoned journeyman makes a new home: WendellÆs drums simply make this band killer on live performances. Backstage, heÆs legendary for simply knowing everyone there. One of the most respected and sought-after session drummers in the country, Wendell drummed notably for TriAxis and BarbieÆs Cradle, is PupilÆs resident prankster, and was last seen playing for whichever was the last band youÆve seen.

Chad Rialp [bass and deadpan humor]

The enigmatic and eclectic wildcard shakes it up: DonÆt let the quiet six-footer in the glasses fool you. He may speak softly, but he carries a big stickùwith four loud strings attached to it. Chad is also an invaluable songwriter, arranger and overall co-conspirator. Chad played bass for indie-standouts Sound and does bass and vocals on Liquid Jane. We like to have him singing in Archipelago as well; heÆs pretty good at it too.

Pat Tirano [guitars and acute insomnia]

The studio wizard takes on the stadium stage: Pat (or The Patman), youngest in the group, is the unsung architect behind critically-acclaimed and fan-lauded albums by Pupil, Spongecola, Mayonnaise, Salamin, Rugis and many others. Aside from being a resident producer and sound engineer of Louie TalanÆs Wombworks recording studio, Pat also plays guitar for Monkeyspank and Toi while staying awake for days on end.

- February 2009