The Dawn's different sound

The countryÆs enduring symbol of rock pounces with a different twist by infusing jazz and giving their brand of music a distinct sound! Hear the premiere rock legends as they elevate ôchill-outö to a whole new level, giving a bright and playful groove to 80Æs anthems and well-loved originals.

After a myriad of timeless hits and anthems, The Dawn is back to shake the metro with their latest album under MCA Music, The Later Half of Day. As a special treat, The Dawn will be having a free show on Friday, March 13, 8 pm at the Eastwood Central Plaza! Shift into high gear as The Dawn brings light to Philippine music with their chart topping hits! Take a trail down memory lane as they showcase their own unique versions of unforgettable tunes like The PoliceÆs ôMessage in A Bottleö, and their original ôLove Will Set Us Freeö. The Dawn continues to show why they remain to be one of the most undisputable icons in the entertainment industry and the legends in the music scene.

The Dawn defies the saying ôyouÆre only as good as your last hitö by creating monumental and ceaseless hits each and every time! With over ten chart-topping and ground-breaking albums under their belt, they again continue to prove success with their latest album ôThe Later Half of Dayö under MCA Music. Their first single ôMessage in A Bottleö remained in the countdowns with a just a couple of weeks after the video premiere and spun heavily on the airwaves. Lounge as The Dawn takes you to a walk down memory lane with other tracks such as ôRun Awayö, In Between Daysö, ôI Melt With Youö, Enveloped Ideasö and ôIisang Bangka.ö Mobile ringback tones and digital tracks are shooting up the charts and getting numerous downloads, which is a living proof that people just canÆt get enough of The DawnÆs music!

The Dawn is currently all geared up and shooting the music video for their second single, ôLove Will Set Us Freeö. It will definitely be something to watch out for as the rock legends sweep the nation and bring something fresh and electrifying to the music scene!

The DawnÆs latest album, ôTHE LATER HALF OF DAYö is on sale in all major record bars nationwide for only P280.00.

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