The Speaks LIVE in Manila!

After the unprecedented success Filipino artists who have broken into the international scene comes a young, talented, and charismatic five-piece band from the Washington, DC area to hoist Filipino talent! Elevating Pinoy Pride to a whole new level and conquering the music scene, The Speaks-- with several members who are all American-born, but of Filpino heritage, are opening peopleÆs minds and broadening peopleÆs horizons with their driven, emotionally charged music in a unique, unparalleled package.

Breaking into the music scene by great leaps and bounds, The Speaks have already garnered numerous accolades from both here and abroad, from winning every major music competition theyÆve entered, to rocking crowds of 25,000+ people, to over a million hits on youtube, and gaining major support from one of the most influential radio stations in the United States!

After the phenomenal success of The Speaks single ôHighö with a duet from the very talented Barbie Almalbis, the band is gearing up for another round of hits like ôTomorrowö and ôRegretö with their album ôThis is the Timeö under MCA Music, Inc. in the Philippines.

Following a myriad of hits and a steamrolling legion of believers, The Speaks are coming back home to Manila to conquer the music scene!

Temperatures will rise as the Speaks invade Manila with their music! Jam with The Speaks this summer as they heat up the metro with ôTHE SPEAKS LIVE AT THE SM SUPERMALLS, hosted by BOYS NIGHT OUT of Magic 89.9!ö

THIS IS THE TIME to head to your favorite SM Malls on the following dates and times:

March 27, 6 PM: SM Megamall
March 28, 6 PM: SM North
March 29, 5 PM: SM Fairview
April 3, 6 PM: SM City Cebu
April 4, 6 PM: SM City Davao
April 5, 5 PM: SM Mall of Asia

As a special treat, The Speaks will be having an autograph signing session for their album ôThis is the Timeö under MCA Music Inc.! ItÆs definitely something that people wonÆt Regret! Related Articles:

Watch the video of The Speaks' Live Chat session.