Rachelle Ann's ready for her close up!

ItÆs no coincidence that Rachelle Ann GoÆs latest album and concert are both titled Falling in Love. After ending her last relationship (with Christian Bautista), the Ultimate Champion is back on track, romantically and musically.

Her pre-Valentine concert last January 30 and 31 at the Music Museum brought together people who are special in Rachelle AnnÆs life: Richard Poon, Gab Valenciano, Christian Bautista, Ogie Alcasid and Gary Valenciano.

Rachelle Ann doesnÆt think thereÆs anything unusual about having her past and present loves in the concert. ôChristian is a friend, and we work together on ASAP Æ09,ö she says. ôOur relationship may have ended, pero friends pa naman kami. IÆm just glad that he agreed to guest in the concertö.

As for Gabùwho has been rumored to have taken ChristianÆs place in her heart (they even watched the Chris Brownh-Rihanna concert together)ùhis presence in the concert might be the best confirmation of the current rumors. The addition of his father Gary to the lineup of guests just makes Rachelle AnnÆs happiness complete.

At the concert, Rachelle Ann performed some of the cuts from her Falling in Love album. The album, which is composed of revivals, brings Rachelle Ann back to her roots after she experimented with a more up tempo style in her last album, Rachelle Ann Rocks.

The Falling in Love album contains her revivals of some of the best and most popular love songs of all time, mostly from the 70s and 80s, including If, Of All The Things, Somebody Waiting, I Got Caught Dancing Again, If You DonÆt Know Me By Now, DidnÆt We, Feelings, Let the Pain Remain, Traces,You And Me Against the World, You and I, All The Things You Are, and IÆll Always Love You. The carrier single is This Time IÆll Be Sweeter.

ôThis is the kind of music that best reflects who I am and where I am right now in my life,ö says Rachelle Ann. ôAll the albums that IÆve done are very special to me, but this one is the most special so far. I think people will understand why.ö

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