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TheyÆve been there for almost 25 years, and from their continued successes, thereÆs no stopping for The Dawn. Though things had been quite a ride, from bad times and triumphs, all thatÆs more important to them is doing what they know is best.

ôThis was the best years of my lifeö, said Junboy Leonor, drummer, quoting from former band manager Martin Galan, explaining to MYX.TV how was the quarter of a decade of the band meant to them. They lost and changed members, broke up, made hits, did gigs and a whole lot of experiences that cannot be summarized in one write up. For guitarist Francis Reyes, it doesnÆt feel like itÆs been that long because theyÆre having so much fun making music including, of course, all the perks that come with it. Technology is a big factor in The DawnÆs history according to vocalist Jett Pangan. They have been in different types of music media, and been victims of piracy, but the internet has been a great medium for them to reconnect and to introduce the band to different types of people from all over the world. ôThe listers have been following us around. They know everything about us.ö It helps them strengthen their fan base now that there are a lot of emerging bands in the industry.

Their MYX.TV chat was one of the most unique fan encounters the band had. Sadly, bassist Buddy Zabala wasnÆt able to join them for the day; they still talked, joked, and told stories about their history, present, and future. The Later Half of Day is still out in the market and the video for their next single, Love Will Set Us Free is will have its debut on MYX pretty soon.

Legends are coming to the MYX.TV chats! So catch some of the OPM greats here! For the full video interview of The Dawn, go to our video widget to see them talk about their new video, their history, and their chat experience.

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