Itchy for you

They brought you some of the funniest and wittiest songs on the radio. With their hits ôBeerö and ôLove Teamö that had us laughing, sighing, and relating all at the same time, the Itchyworms continue to bring us tunes that are original, relatable, and funny.

If you ask them about their sound, theyÆll just crack jokes about it. But what really sets them apart from other bands is their honesty to write songs that people can relate to. Their wide range of musical influence help them use different genre on their songs. Add their 4-part harmony and humor, and you have an Itchyworms original. You can listen to a bit of disco, rock, a tinge of 80Æs styles, to name a few in their newest album, ôSelf Titledö. Talking about the truths and pains of love and life and humor, itÆs like the soundtrack of your life û minus the drama.

Big names in the industry like Jett Pangan and Francis Reyes of The Dawn, and Moy Ortiz of The Company thinks that the Itchyworms are one of the best bands in OPM today. The band made a joking remark of: ôBinayaran namin sila!ö but itÆs just the bandÆs way of having a good time. They appreciate their peersÆ recognition of the music that they make û witty, true, and Filipino.

With their relatable topics and sound, weÆre sure to hear more from the Itchyworms! Catch their latest single ôGusto Ko Lamang Sa Buhayö from their newest album, ôSelf Titledö under Sony Music. You can vote for them on MYX by typing MYX (space) Vote (space) Gusto Ko Lamang Sa Buhay to 2366 on your cellphones!

Watch their MYX Live performance this April on MYX! Check out the skeds on MYX.TV and also our pictures from their performance!