Secondhand Serenade on MYX.TV!

Hanging out with Secondhand Serenade rocked our socks! We had two international artists drop by MYX.TV to chat with you guys! With almost 500 chatters online, John Vesely was overwhelmed by your unwavering support. We are touched too! The chat with Secondhand Serenade holds the record for the most number of chatters. Beating Chicosci by hundreds!

Secondhand Serenade came to the Philippines not knowing of his huge fan base. Filipinos knows his songs by heart. A lot of the chatters even thanked him for making such songs. But other than that, he appreciated the Filipino hospitality. ItÆll definitely not be Secondhand SerenadeÆs last visit to the Philippines.

Thanks to all of you who joined us in the MYX.TV Live Chat with Secondhand Serenade! Not only the best local bands come here, but also your favorite international acts! Keep it here on MYX.TV for more!