Hale to the chiefs!

Certified chart-toppers Hale now graced the MYX.TV chats. With almost 150 chatters online, they proved to not only ace the MYX Charts, but also the web chat attendance! Kudos to all Halers!

Their latest single ôSandali Na Langö is now doing well in the MYX Daily Top Ten. No wonder. Almost all their releases from their first album to their latest, ôAbove, Over, and Beyondö, has performed well in radio and video charts. It just shows how strong HaleÆs fan base is. A lot have stuck with them even before their breakout release of ôBroken Sonnetö and ôThe Day You Said Goodnightö. From their roster of sure fire hits, their genre called melodrama has captured the hearts and ears of emotionally open Filipinos. But they debunk the idea of the band being labeled as ôemoö. Vocalist Champ Lui Pio labels their music as emotional but they do not necessarily live the ôemoö lifestyle.

Hale welcomes their new drummer Paolo Santiago, a former member of Join the Club, who replaced Omnie Saroca. Rumors spread that the band and Omnie was kicked out of the band. But according to Hale, Omnie wanted to venture into other stuff and they are supportive of his decision. ôChange is inevitable, so we understandö, says Champ. Paolo and Hale have been friends even before the band formed. Roll, Sheldon, and Paolo were classmates in UST and it was never hard for the band to adjust to PaoloÆs drumming because he was a fan of Hale. HeÆs now part of the production of their 4th album and currently adjusting to his jam-packed gig skeds all over the Philippines.

Giving back is one of HaleÆs major goals. They are a part of Treehouse Productions that aims to raise funds from holding concerts with some of their friends in the music scene. Sponge Cola and Rico Blanco are just some of the many acts that have played for a noble cause. They are encouraging everyone to support Treehouse Productions and donations, in what ever amount are very welcome.

Hale donÆt only rule the hit charts, but they also rule their fansÆ hearts. The recognitions they get are returned to the people who matter the most by raising funds and awareness through their music. Truly, the band deserves to be where they are right now.