2 is better than 1 for MYX Mag

On one of our covers is none other than the Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo! Read about her experience juggling a singing and acting career, her collaboration with Backstreet Boy Howie D., and her six-award win at the recent MYX Music Awards! Truly, Sarah deserves to be in the spotlight and the past year is proof of that.

Flip over the magazine and you have our other cover artist, Bamboo! ItÆs the bandÆs second time to grace the cover of MYX Mag, and this time, theyÆre dishing more about their very busy schedules, being part of the First Five and why we shouldnÆt expect a Rivermaya reunion.

If you missed the MYX Music Awards on MYX TV, donÆt fret! We have it all covered for you! See all the red carpet fashion, the performances and the winners in our MMA post event feature!

To cap it all off, we have American Idol Season seven winner David Cook on our pin-up! Also inside this issue, go behind the scenes of The DawnÆs music video for Love Will Set Us Free in MYX Peeks, invade Diego CastilloÆs awesome crib at MYX Space, get to know more about Diego Mapa on 25 Things About, and find out the real deal on what happened to Kamikazee in Dubai.

Grab your copy of MYX Mag April to May issue now!

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