Third time's the charm for Mayonnaise

Like any rock nÆ roll story, it begins with a rushùthe surrender to the feel of the guitar in your handsà the melody playing in your headà finding friends with the same goals. And finally, the rush of writing that one song that connects you with all the other kindred souls.

Marking the first quarter of 2008 with the release of their third album, Tersera, Monty Macalino (vocals, guitars), Paga Manican (guitars), Shan Regalado (drums) and new member, Poch Villalon (bass), are preparing themselves for another mad spin on the wicked oval of Pinoy pop music. Collectively touted by the band as the true testament of their real sound, Monty says, ôWe didnÆt compromise with this album, production-wise.ö

Revving fast and powering through on third gear, Mayonnaise feels blessed with the full support of their labelùwhich the band says has given them ample creative freedom and a welcome sense of direction. They had only one wish from Viva Records and they got it: to be allowed to work with producer and engineer extraordinaire, Angee Rozul. With a far more collective effort in writing material this time around, Mayonnaise takes their third shot at pop success with the carrier single ôSinungaling,ö one of the 12 tracks in the album (13 counting the bonus cut) that brings back the bandÆs original sound from the first album. ôTorresö is currently their latest single with an intriguing music video which just premiered on MYX.

Mayonnaise may seem to live a charmed life but if thereÆs anything they have learned in the business, itÆs that nothing ever really comes easy. Coming right out of college already with a collection of written but yet-to-be recorded songs, Mayonnaise began their musical journey by recording a demo, which they gave away for free during early gigs. Entitled The Best of Mayonnaise, Part 2, it would showcase the bandÆs sense of humor, as well as seven out of the many songs chief songwriter, Monty, had already amassed. A year later, Mayonnaise again took it upon themselves to try and record a full album but soon landed in a serendipitous situationùa chance to compete at the second the Red Horse Musiklaban (2004).

ôNanalo kami, tapos magulo na. We werenÆt ready for it,ö Monty recalls. The win might have given the band a slight push, but scheduling albums and singles proved harder than they thought. Musiklaban may have unleashed the radio hit, ôJopay,ö from the Red Horse-funded debut album but officially, its video and the single push werenÆt done until the following year, when Musiklaban had already declared a third winner. This put the band in tricky situation in terms of album promotions. Their second, 2006Æs Pano Nangyare Yon?, fell prey to almost the same set of circumstancesùone good single, barely any sustained buzz. And whatÆs worse was that the label that was distributing them at that time was going through a merger. Although the band lived by the adage, ôall it takes is one good single,ö clearly there was more to keeping the machinery that makes a pop hit working for them.

True to their nature, the band forged ahead and sustained themselves with gigs all over the country. But with the release of Tersera, Mayonnaise returns to the recording scene with as much power as a trusty race car. The albumÆs 12 original cuts include pop rock gems like ôIlawö, ôTerseraö, ôSaktoö, ôLooking for Oneö, ôBitinö, ôPaalamö, ôVoicesö, ôBinaliwalaö, ôSkipperö, ôSa Piling Moö, ôTorresö, the carrier single ôSinungalingö plus the bonus cut, the bandÆs version of ôIpagpatawad Mo.ö

Tersera, allows Mayonnaise another opportunity to turn their hopes to reality. With the album now available in all record bars nationwide, the band is gearing up for more laps, and soon, possibly, the big win.

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