MYX Mag: Inside Diego Castillo's condo

A cozy condo space of his own in the heart of the city with all his favorite collectibles and gadgets to bootùwhat more could Diego Castillo of Sandwich ask for?

Discounts come to those who are friendly. DiegoÆs all smiles relating the stories of each item in his home. HeÆs got toys everywhere! Some of them preserved from childhood, though a bit dusty, Diego considers these as his treasures. A lot of his collections were bought for a bargain. ôPumupunta ako sa toy store tapos alam na ng mga attendants doon æAy, ayan na naman si Sir.Æ Gets na nila yun,ö Diego laughs at his usual toy shopping experience. Since the store clerks are used to seeing him and asking them when the next sale will be, whenever he comes back, they offer Diego a nice price, even more than half of the original. They do not know him as a rock star from Sandwich. They see Diego as the friendly neighbor who loves to buy toys.

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