"Maraming Salamat Po Sa Inyong Lahat!" Filipinos Show Gratitude Through Haiyan Thank You Song!

It's been three months since Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) struck the Philippines, especially the Visayas region where thousands of people lost their homes, and their loved ones.

Along the way, we received tons of help, support and love from our friends all over the world. And as we slowly get back up from the disaster that Haiyan brought to us, we send our deepest gratitude to everyone who lend their hands to the Filipino community.

Songwriter Trina Belamide wrote the song "Maraming Salamat Po (Many Thanks)," performed by singer Radha, as her way of sending our message of thanks across the globe.

"There is no monetary gain for me in this venture. All I want is to get this message of thanks across to as many people as possible. I think the world needs to know how much we appreciate all the help we have and continue to receive," she said in the video description.

Watch the video for "Maraming Salamat Po (Many Thanks)" below:

Aside from this, the Department of Tourism also released the #PHthankyou video last week, which now has 181,000 plus views.

Watch the video below:

From all the Filipinos, THANK YOU!

Feel free to spread these videos to send our message of thanks to everyone who helped us around the world.