Finally! the album by Iya Villania

Six years after letting her æbig dreamÆ take a backseat to more pressing showbiz commitments, Iya finally steers her singing career back into its rightful path.ôItÆs about time!,ö she gushes. ôThis is the moment IÆve been waiting for ever since I came here.ö

Brimming with excitement over the release of her debut album, Iya feels doubly vindicated about getting her singing back in full swing. ôThe album title expresses my sentiments perfectly,ö she sighs with relief. ôFinally!ö This album is currently out in the market already which was launched last quarter of 2008.

Produced by Benjamin Gabitan, Vanessa Marcelo and Mally Paraguya, and released by ALV Talent Circuit and Viva Records, æFinally!Æ boasts of eight originals, including the guitar-driven æSpellÆs Broken,Æ the country-flavored æMorning After,Æ the R&B-tinged æDefinitely LonelyÆ and the tender ballad æDo You Think WeÆll Be Alright?Æ Of particular interest are her remakes, namely: æIt Takes A Man and a WomanÆ (originally sung by Teri de Sario), æI Never CryÆ (an Alice Cooper original), æAlwaysÆ (by Atlantic Starr), and her carrier single æMy First Broken HeartÆ û a ballad popularized by Tracie Spencer during the æ80s. Iya got a little help from well-meaning friends in the music biz as well. The popular pop-rock group, Hale, arranged æIt Takes àÆ Wolfgang lead guitarist Manuel Legarda arranged æI Never CryÆ while R&B Prince Jay-R joined her in a duet for æAlways.Æ MayonnaiseÆs Monty Macalino likewise pitched in two original tracks: æPoisonÆ and æWith Me Tonight.Æ DJ Brian Cua (producer of Nancy Jane) arranged the carrier single. Mike Villegas (of Color It Red) did æSpellÆs Broken.Æ Angelo Villegas worked on æDo You Think WeÆll Be Alright?Æ Arnie Mendaros (KylaÆs producer) takes credit for æDefinitely LonelyÆ and æAll Over Me.ÆôThe album is basically guitar-driven pop,ö Iya explains. ôIt took a while to choose the songs, because I had to get them under my skin first.öDescribing her musical style as ælight R&B,Æ Iya cites Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, DestinyÆs Child, and Stevie Wonder among her major influences.

When not busy with her MYX, ASAP Æ08, Us Girls and OMG hosting stints, she makes time for her piano-tinkling, and still prods on with her furtive attempts at songwriting. ôI actually have quite a number of unfinished songs,ö she boasts.Asked to name the highlights of the entire year-and-three-month-long recording process, the bubbly MYX VJ obliges with ôlaughing at mistakes, staying up late, finding harmony and doing the cover shoot.öWith her debut albumÆs impending release, Iya is gearing up for a promo blitz including mall shows and TV guestings.

Definitely worth the wait, æFinally!Æ may sound like a well-deserved, long-overdue coming full circle of sorts, but itÆs really only the beginning of yet another promising chapter in IyaÆs illustrious career.

Iya Villania is currently managed by ALV Talent Circuit.

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