We want more Mayonnaise!

Mayonnaise has been one of our most favorite dressings ever. And the band Mayonnaise is our favorite when it comes to quirky song titles and LSS-inducing songs. They invaded to spread the word on their newest album, ôTerseraö and all the buzz about their latest single and video.

A lot had been asking about the song title Torres. Vocalist Monty explained to that itÆs a tribute song for their former bassist Lee, who left the band to go to the US. Since they were also a song short in the making of their 3rd album, they decided to make one about her. And the band agrees sheÆs like the ôtowerö of the band. Plus, most of the songs are of Spanish influence. ôTorresö really fit the album well.

When it was time for the video shoot, the band wanted real-life friends to portray the two female leads. Coincidentally, the video director is friends with Jessica and Erika, who also coincidentally are former MYX VJ Search finalists. The videoÆs concept was about leaving, so the trains fit well with the theme; shooting in the vicinity of the Metrorail Transit. With the all the buzz ôTorresö are getting, itÆs gaining airplay on radio and also on MYX!

Mayonnaise had a lot of fun chatting with all of you! One hour isnÆt enough! Always make sure to catch their video on MYX! WeÆre sure thereÆs a lot more in store for Mayonnaise this year!

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