VJ LUIS MANZANO and ANGEL LOCSIN Officially Back Together!

Kulet and Kiti are back and now it's official. VJ Luis Manzano have revealed that he is again the boyfriend of actress Angel Locsin.

"I am proudly her boyfriend," the TV host admits on the talk show "Buzz ng Bayan", Sunday, February 16. The two rekindled their relationship just last Christmas, and it has been 3 years since they last spoke to each other then. The "Minute To Win It" host shared that they've started texting and that he felt an immediate "spark" between the two. 

But he has denied the rumors that Angel was the reason behind his break up with Jennylyn Mercado in 2013. "She was never a factor of the break up," and says that their closest friends and family can vouch for that. 

So will there be wedding bells soon? VJ Luis jokes that he'll call host Boy Abunda in 2015 when that happens. But for now they are happy with their relationship and owes what they have to faith – "faith in God's perfect time".

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