Have You Tried Playing The FLYING CYRUS App?

Screenshot from the Flying Cyrus app.

Admit it or not, everyone of us got addicted to the Flappy Bird app. A lot of clones came out and this one is probably the next best [addicting] thing to Flappy Bird. Ever imagined playing with Miley Cyrus on your phones?

Brace yourselves, because here comes the Flying Cyrus app!

In this app, which is played the same way as Flappy Bird, you'll control Miley's head (complete with the tongue out) and avoid the obstacles as you go through wrecking balls and sledgehammers.

Check out the game's screenshots below:

Whether you're a Miley fan or a Miley hater, you will definitely have fun playing the Flying Cyrus app and try to get the highest score possible!

Have you tried playing Flying Cyrus? What is your highest score? Share it to us by leaving your comments below!



  • ErinTomlinson

    posted 3 years ago