Crazy Kamikazee's "Long Time Noisy"

Universal Records finally releases KamikazeeÆs much-anticipated third album Long Time Noisy featuring the launching single ôWalaö. Long Time Noisy is KamikazeeÆs follow-up to their Double Platinum breakthrough album Maharot.

Kamikazee was formed by five friends who met in the College of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines Diliman: Jay Contreras (lead vocals), Jomal Linao (guitars), Led Zeppelin Tuyay (guitars), Jason ôPutoö Astete (bass) and Allan ôBordsö Burdeos (drums). After playing in small gigs (mostly on campus), the band managed to get signed to another major label due to the strong cult buzz generated by their heavy guitar-driven rock and hilarious antics. Their eponymous debut album released in 2002 spawned radio hits and cult faves such as ôChinelasö (a hilarious rap-metal parody, which was the rage that time) and covers of Ariel RiveraÆs classic hit ôSana Kahit Minsanö and Britney SpearsÆ ôLuckyö.

In 2005, the band re-emerged with the hilarious gay-bait anthem ôChiksilogö, which first became a hit after being released for the compilation album Rok On!. The following year, they moved on with Universal Records and released Maharot, which was jumpstarted by the massive radio hit ôNardaö. To say that the song is the bandÆs biggest nationwide hit is a big, big understatement. From there, the album also spawned hits such as ôMartyr Nyeberaö and ôSeksi Seksiö. The band also came up with hits such as the Parokya Ni Edgar collaboration ôThe Ordertakerö (from PNEÆs own Halina sa Parokyaö and their rendition of APO Hiking SocietyÆs ôDoo Bidooö, which made the compilation tribute album Kami nAPO Muna one of the highest-selling albums in recent memory. KamikazeeÆs longtime hard efforts finally paid off, making them one of the most in-demand rock bands in the live circuit, a multi-awarded band (winning NU107 Rock Awards as ListenersÆ Choice and Song of the Year for ôNardaö, for starters) and commercial endorsers for high-profile products such as Rexona and Smart.

The band took three long years to construct and record Long Time Noisy as the band balanced their grueling gig schedules and their serious desire to release the best album they can possibly come up with. And they did exactly that with mtheir new album. The album was recorded at Tower of Doom studios with producer Eric Perlas (whose credits include The Out of Body Special Love Isà, Queso and ChicosciÆs last albums) and includes collaborations with keyboardist Leo Sa±o of Corporate Lo-Fi, turntablist Biboy Garcia of Sinag and Queso, Maychelle Baay of Moonstar88, Ian Tayao of Queso, Reg Rubio of Greyhoundz and Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar.

Long Time Noisy is KamikazeeÆs best and most consistent album. They continue their brand of heavy rock, dosed with pop sensibilities and witty lyrical ideas. Their lead single ôWalaö is somewhat uncharacteristic, a cynical social commentary song that is nonetheless laden with heavy pop hooks (ôAno kayo, hilo?/Ako muna bago kayo!ö). The album is opened with two high-energy love-themed songs ôIkawö (ôkapirasong langit sa lupaö) and another paean to unrequited love ôHanggang Tinginö (which contains one of the most headbang-inducing heavy instrumental adlibs in a love song ever). ôEschoos Meö is the bandÆs rakista anthem. Songs such as ô4:20ö, ôUnang Tikimö and ôHot Mamiö shows the bandÆs tendency for witty double entendres while KamikazeeÆs explosive cover of the late master rapper Francis MagalonaÆs ôMeron Akong Anoö is already worth the price of admission. ôLalandiinö is a funky spoken word song that puts a hilarious D.O.M. twist to ôMr. Suaveö. The acoustic ôAlayö has big radio hit potential while tracks such as ôM.M.K. (Maala-Ala Mo Kami)ö and the scathing ôChismosaö should keep avid Kamikazee fans occupied along with the hilarious interludes.

All killer, no filler indeed.