LILY ALLEN Spills The Details On Her Upcoming Album!


We've waited long enough for Lily Allen's comeback album and in a recent interview, Lil confirmed that her third album is expected to be released late spring or early summer of 2014.

Turning to Kanye West for title inspiration, Allen revealed the title of her upcoming album will be Sheezus, roughly a year after the said rapper released his sixth album, Yeezus

"It's a confident title choice - and a little nod to Kanye West," Lily reportedly said in an interview before serving up a performance of "Air Balloon" live on air. 

Lily's musical return late last year Hard Out Here and her latest music video single Air Balloon are expected to be included in her latest album's tracklist. As well as the L8 CMMR, her contribution to the Girls Vol. 2 soundtrack.

The Alfie singer even shared a photo on Twitter of an artwork which she captioned "Oh Christ."

If you haven't seen her "Air Balloon" music video, you can watch it here!

Both her previous albums It's Not Me, It's You and Alright, Still were certified triple-platinum in the UK, hence Sheezus is expected to meet a really high bar. 

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