Photo from Taylor Swift's Instagram

Taylor Swift has posted yet another photo on Instagram of her and her fellow Grammy winner, Lorde - the snapshot showed the two strolling down the beach. Her caption simply read, "Bare feet in the sand on the Saturday."

The two Grammy pop princesses have been putting off their new BFF status in full display ever since the two hit off at Taylor's birthday bash last year, they seem to be inseparable! People find it hard to believe that Lorde once referred to the country crooner  as " flawless, and so unattainable, and I don’t think it’s breeding anything good in young girls." As the pair have been spotted together a lot recently and have attended several events as well. 

Leaving many fans wondering could the "Royals" star be the new Selena Gomez? After Selena's successful two-week rehabilitation, the former Disney star has been seen out and about these past few days but with a different crowd. 

Fans have claimed that Taylor has abandoned her former BFF  Selena Gomez, failing to do her bestfriend duties. Others have also claimed that she's simply using Lorde because of her rising popularity. Well, whatever it may be, we're pretty sure Taylor has her own reasons. And luckily for Selena, she still has her childhood bestie to turn to, her Barney co-star - Demi Lovato.

Here are some of the snapshots of the new BFFs posted on Swift's social media:


This photo posted by Taylor shows the two cuddling up!

This is were their friendship began! This photo was taken and posted during Taylor's birthday bash last year!

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