APO HIKING SOCIETY Celebrates Their 45th Year In The Industry!


The Apo Hiking Society is truly a pillar of musical tradition in the Philippines. To this day, the group has released 27 albums and countless concerts here and there! And we are eternally grateful for their ingenious contribution to the industry. 

Being the original boy band of all the other boy bands, they've been an inspiration for so many of today's musicians! So many of their songs have been covered by other artists, such as "Panalangin," as well as "Pare Ko", "Suntok sa Buwan" and "Heto Na." And after more that four decades in showbiz they still manage to keep their feet on the ground. As they mark this momentous event in their lives, members Buboy Garvollo and Jim Paredes performed "Awit ng Barkada" on "ASAP" last February 3, 2014.

And just in case you missed their performance, you can watch it here!

Thank you very much for your music! May you have many more years to come!

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