Inside Hilera's "Nut House"

Hilera, the rock trio who broke out into the scene in 2006 and their love for punk rock music were defined from their self-titled debut album with hit songs DEFINE and RHYME WITHOUT REASON. On their sophomore disc, the band addresses a handful of challenges as the new album draws a heavy influence from classic rock nÆ roll with NUT HOUSE now released under PolyEast Records.

HileraÆs NUT HOUSE opens the first single RADICAL, which is now hitting the airwaves and debuted on NU 107.5. Led by their frontman, Chris Padilla shares, ôSongwriting is an expression for me. I get influenced by things that affect my whole thinking, that's how we came up with songs for the album. Listening to other artists who inspire us and learning from people we look up to. Radical is about struggle. Struggle to think straight, struggle to control yourself.ö

HileraÆs latest offer has an album title that probably gives a bit of curiosity. Going back to our music history, The Beatles referred Manila in 1966 as a ônut-houseö quoting John LennonÆs famous line ôWe'll just never go to any nut-houses again.ö But our band Hilera, as a huge fan of the fab four didnÆt take this as negative statement from their rock heroes. As Bobby Padilla (drummer) explains. ôTo me it represents the country because nut houses are historical in the Philippines. So the listeners know that we are Filipinos.ö Chris also added, ôI'm a big fan of The Beatles, and I can't blame them if they thought about us that way, like savages. With "Nut House", being the title, I basically just wanted a statement that this silly piece of music came from a NUT HOUSE.ö

Hilera had their debut with their self-titled album in 2006 and as for their sophomore disc released by Polyeast (EMI Philippines) they are back with their signature of young but dynamic rock collection of 16 new compositions that will pay homage to classic rock. ôNut House had taken lots of influences coming from different genres like rockabilly, swing, orchestral, garage, 50's, 60's etc,ö Bobby shared.

Hilera is, and will always be about, change. ThatÆs what this record was about. It took roughly one year to write and record with a greater challenge to be at least differentiating them to other rock bands nowadays. Hilera equipped their new album with different and wide range of sound and of moods, added different instruments like a brass section, piano, upright bass, harmonica and a banjo which contributed their adventure flowing from aggressive to subtle to orchestral. Ivan Garcia (bassist) saw it as, öThis album is different from the first one. With its new compositions, more instruments, more versatility, more diversity than the first one and most of the songs are played with an upright bass and I say that this is what we're looking for.ö

The bandÆs effort payoff and came up with 16 songs that include the first single Radical, Stop The Fight, Not This Time, Ded Ded Ded, ItÆs A Crime, Another Face, No Lizard King, Murder, IÆLL Get By, So Be It, Floating In A Freefall, Wala Akong Alam, Stop Looking AT Me, Protest, It All Ends and Doo Wop Pop. All songs were recorded at HileraÆs home studio which they named it Raw Chord. (Except track Ded, Ded, Ded)

Buy the album now and get HileraÆs very special album package where you can actually build your own nut house and rock the house with HileraÆs indelible hits after the other.

Hilera are Chris Padilla on vocals, Ivan Garcia on bass/upright bass and Bobby Padilla on drums. NUT HOUSE is their follow-up to their self titled album in 2006 and is now available in all record bars released under PolyEast Records. PolyEast Records is now the licensee of EMI Music International.