MYX VJ Search 2014 Task No. 1: Insta-duction!

1. Marion Aunor


Marion did here first task by singing "Do you wanna build a snowman?" from the hit disney movie "Frozen" and her mom interrupting her in the middle of the song watch her video here

2. Christian Reasonda


Christian did his by rapping onset of the video and then introducing himself, watch his insta-duction here

3. Mercedes Espina


Chuck started off her video by saying and showing the things she loves. Check out her video here

4. Gianna Llanes


Gianna did hers a video put together of her memoirs and her talent. Watch it here 

5. Hazel Faith Dela Cruz


Hazel posted a simple video introducing herself, watch it here

6. Luigi Enzo D'avola


Luigi's video as simple and short and sweet. Check it out here

7. Victor Romeo Lopez


Vieo did his video as simple as it is by showing all the things that he likes to do. Watch his video here

8. Eunick Nicole Nobe 


Eunick's video is really "unique". Find out about it here

9. Jose Gabriel La Viña


PJ started his video by introducing himself as the "mama's boy!". Check out his insta-duction here

10. Rebecca Sadhwani


Becca's video is a photo slideshow showing her best memories. Watch it here

11. Rafa Siguion-Reyna


Did you know that on Rafa's video he said that he sings inside the bathroom? Check that out here

12. Mark Anthony Thompson


In Mark's video he showed us that he can play drums and the guitar. Know more about it here

Who's insta-duction is your favorite? Feel free to always visit and leave your comments on your favorite VJ Search Finalists' Profile!