We Pay Tribute To The Master Rapper FRANCIS MAGALONA

As we commemorate the fifth death anniversary of the Master Rapper Francis Magalona, takes a look back at his iconic music career.

Francis Durango Magalona, more fondly called as Francis M., Master Rapper, The Mouth and The Man From Manila is one of the iconic artists in the Philippine music industry. In fact, he was the first Filipino rapper that crossed over to the mainstream scene. He is known to be the man and mind behind the merging of rap and Pinoy rock. 

In 2009, the King Of Rap succumbed to a tough battle with leukemia and left the music industry with a long list of hits like his breakout hit, "Mga Kababayan". Other memorable hits include, "Kaleidoscope World", "Ito Ang Gusto Ko", "Mga Praning" and "Meron Akong Ano".

He has also lent his talent to some memorable collaborations with other talented OPM artists like Ely Buendia, Gloc-9 and Parokya Ni Edgar.

Because we're used to #ThrowbackThursdays, let's throw it back to Francis M.'s MYX Live performance! Watch the videos below:


Baw Waw Wow

Ito Ang Gusto Ko

Reach 4D' Starts


3 Stars And A Sun

Cold Summer Nights

Kaleidoscope World

Love For Life

Long live, Francis Magalona!

What is your all-time favorite Francis M. song? Feel free to leave your comments below!