Happy 10 Years To UP DHARMA DOWN!

Up Dharma Down just turned 10 years old yesterday and we cannot pass this opportunity to pay tribute to one of this generation's most influential bands.

With three studio albums and countless sold-out performances here and there, this four-piece award-winning band has come a long way since 2004. They've pushed the boundaries of the music scene in the Philippines with their recognition from the BBC radio show and Time magazine. They continue to embody the youth with their music's distinct style and exquisite narratives that is sure to stir one's emotions. In the same way, their music transcends many generations as it doesn't fail to reflect the experiences so many people go through. Indeed this generation is blessed!

In honor of  UDD's decade of music making, we've rounded up their most awe-inspiring music videos. Watch them all below:



Turn It Well








Every First Second





Luna is nominated for Favorite Mellow Video in the MYX Music Awards 2014.

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What's your favorite Up Dharma Down music video? Feel free to leave your comments below!