MAYDAY PARADE Fans Want The Band To "Stay"!

It was definitely a night to remember for all the Mayday Parade fans in Manila as Derek, Alex, Brooks, Jeremy and Jake returned to the Philippines for the fourth time last Saturday, March 8, at the SkyDome.

The show jump-started with a song from the band's latest album, Monster In The Closet, "Ghost", and by 'jump-start', we mean it literally -- the crowd was jumping while singing along! The energy was so high that all throughout the show, people's hands were also just high up on air.

The only moment the crowd shushed was when a piano was taken out for the vocalist Derek Sanders to play "Miserable At Best" and "Stay".

And speaking of 'stay', the crowd wants them to stay for real. The show was supposed to end with the band performing the song "Jersey", but the fans kept on screaming -- almost chanting -- "One more song!" and no one was budging to the exit doors. So even though the quintet already headed to the backstage, they didn't disappoint their fans by not raining on their parade -- the band came back with Derek saying:

"Okay, we'll play one more song before we go.. We've been on a tour now in about two months all over the world. We started in UK and in Europe and we've been to Australia and we came to the South East Asia, and tonight is the final show of all of it...this has been my favorite show of the whole thing! Thank you so so much, for real."

The vocalist also couldn't stop saying how much they appreciate the love and support by Filipino fans. He even called on their photographer to take a photo of them with all of their fans in the venue, which is now posted on the band's Instagram account,
with the caption:

Mayday Parade ended the show, also their worldwide tour, with the song "I’d Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song is About", where the crowd sang their hearts out along!

We bet the fans who went out to see the show would be all like 'I'd hate to be you if you missed out on a show like this!' No, of course we're kidding! But in case you missed it, let these photos take you back to the show.

Were you able to catch the show? How was it? What was your favorite performance? Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!